New tool to easily make little cartoons

I’ve run across a site called Xtranormal which offers a text-to-movie tool which allows to easily make cartoons.

As an example, I’ve taken my “I’m looking for a drooling idiot to play chess” piece and turned it into a small clip.

If you experiment with it, please post your animations.

Edit: fixed typo.

I already have a tool for making cartoons. it’s called a pencil.

I think I can see why you’re finding it hard to find a chess partner. They are put off by you only wearing a pair of smiley face underpants.

Yes, I also have one. Actually, I have more than one. I also have charcoal and pens, and ink and paint and paintbrushes and canvases and all that stuff.

Sorry, no offence intended!

I was just remembering the tiny flip cartoons i used to draw in the corner of my school exercise books: little stick men, jumping, exploding, whatever. Of course, this was in the days before TV and film, so things were a little old-fashioned then. at least it was right after they phased out slates and chalk for school (although, having just said that, i do remember using slates in first class for letter-form practice, all in copperplate).

[quote=“urodacus”]Sorry, no offence intended!

None taken. It just looked like a strange remark, in a “m’ok, so?” kind of way. :lick:

I like the pen and ink and charcoal and the flip book. But how do we get that stuff into the computer to make them dance or explode. Is there a free program that does this?

I’d love a drawing tablet but that ain’t gonna happen…

Well. . . .