New tourist shuttle service

I don’t know how useful this will be, but I thought someone might want to check it out and see. It’s the Taiwan government’s new “independent” traveler shuttle service. The link is to the Taipei Times article.

I Googled “Easy Travel in Taiwan” and the only search result is the Typo Times story. I guess the newspaper just made that name up. Any know what it is really called or have a link to detailed info?

never heard that before, hilarious :roflmao:

At the bottom of the newspaper story there’s this link:

However, there doesn’t seem to be any English there - unless I haven’t waited long enough for all the frickin’ animations and pictures and videos to open up. (Small mercies: there seem to be no cartoon animals.)

Oh my, what an awful website to use - it’s all embedded within, so you can’t open in separate browser tabs, and then every time you go back to the main page you have to wait for the useless little video of a woman in sun dress standing at a bus stop.

Ha ha… the darn site is totally non-functional on my iPhone, I guess because it’s all Flash-based.

Well, that’s going to be useful for all the backpackers flooding into Taiwan.

Its not for them, of course. Why would they bother for such a relatively tiny number of people? I saw that story a few days ago and asked about the lack of English. They said they’re in the process of doing a Japanese and a Korean version, and maybe an English one too, a lot further down the line. Its all about the money, and that doesn’t come from US/Euro backpackers, it comes from Chinese, Japanese and Korean kids.
My gripe was that it costs NT$407 to take that bus from the Kaohsiung HSR stop to Kenting. A taxi costs NT$500. :unamused: