New Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CRV?

Honda CRV

Toyota RAV4

They both start at the same price, around 1 mil NTD. I’m a 6’2" tall dude with tall wife and baby boy on the way. I saw a couple comparison videos, but I can’t decide. I’m leaning towards Honda so far, but still looking back and forth.

Any major reason to lean 1 way or the other?

Also, why can I only find the 2020 CRV model online? Is there something weird with the 2021~2022 one(s)?

The CRV is a bit bigger inside, isn’t it? I hear good things about Honda’s hybrid systems of you are leaning that way. I know some people at Honda, I’ll ask them about the CRV models and get back.

schedule a test drive in each and see… for 1 million it’s worth the time.


For sure :slight_smile:

The social stigma that comes with driving a Toyota here in Taiwan?

I don’t think you can do anything wrong with either of those. I personally would prefer Toyota because it’s easier to get parts and service for it. If you want something truly larezand nearly indestructible go for the Toyota Hilux.

Hondas are built better.
Toyotas are tin cans.
Plenty of Honda dealerships here. Repairs and parts have never been a problem on the very rare occasion we’ve needed them.

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That’s true. The Island is small enough. The Honda also looks better imho.

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RAV 4 all the way, Toyota outsells Honda by about 4X in Taiwan, the RAV 4 outsold even the Altis in 2020. Parts and expertise abound for it as a result, lot’s of experienced techs out there and there will be parts available forever ensuring great resell values.

Personally I wouldn’t touch the hybrid models, either gasoline or go full electric.

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Well, Honda CRV is made in Pingtung, so good for the Taiwan auto industry. Not sure where the RV4 is made. (Also I like my Honda though not a CRV)

Definitely not my first consideration when spending ~1KK on a vehicle for personal use. If for some reason (and I can’t think of any) I decided to purchase a vehicle produced in Taiwan rather than Japan I’d probably go for the Corolla Cross.

He got back to me…

He’s driving the 2021 CRV hybrid now. He said if they haven’t updated the model here, it’s the chip shortage most likely. Even the lots right next to the Honda factories are empty now. He’ll see the Japanese guys after the holiday and he’ll see if they know some info more specific to Taiwan.

WHy not a Subaru Forester? Overall the CRV and RAV4, but the handling of the Subaru is fantastic on tight mountain roads and shopping mall corners.

We had a RAV4 for many years (not in Taiwan) and never had any mechanical issues. Only complaint was cornering too fast felt a little unstable compared to say a Mazda. RAV4 has a lot of power though and I’ve done plenty 4X4 driving in some hairy places where probably I shouldn’t have been. Hondas just seems more cheaply built in comparison, but maybe they’ve gotten better over the years.

Nothing but complaints from the quality of service in Taiwan unfortunately. I think the vehicles are quite nice and easy to service yourself too.

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Mazda CX-5 is great for that too.

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Yes, they are. Pricey though. $40+K here.

Do wonder which you choose. If my budget was restricted to 100k range then might consider Subaru is still is full time 4WD (my salesperson told me Honda dropped having AWD for SUV). I worry about service though after my friend here in Hualien said the Subaru service center closed for about 8 months the year after he bought his SUV. During the closure they said should go to Yilan for service.

I might consider RAV4 as well to replace my 2013 Honda CRV when that time comes in next few years… The CRV has been trouble free except for:
-the Taiwan built radio is very poor quality. The electronics are unstable…volume suddenly changes by itself. I replaced and 5 years later is acting up again…using bluetooth from my mobile phone the songs change by themselves (forward to another song).
-the windshield wiper control for auto detect selection can go absolutely crazy sometimes by wiping very quickly. Unfortunately the auto detect function is mixed in with the choose various speed function. Well, is a mess.

I just test drove a RAV4 Hybrid (about 38k USD for the 2022 lower tier without any extras). Holy… This car is dreamy. Even standard has quite the feature list.

I would normally choose Toyota but in this case I have owned and love the Honda CRV.

Also in this case the Toyota front ugly

I sort of like the front!

It shouts … “Mopeders, get out of my way or get eaten”

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