New Tsutaya Bookstore

Hope this new Japanese bookstore has a good English section.

It may… for a while…

There used tyo be a really cool Japanese bookstore in Zhongshan… used to…There are some, ehem, specialized Japanese magazine stors in Ximenting. And that’s about it.

Kinokuniya (in the original Breeze Center, on Fuxing South Road) is still around. When I visit, there still seems to be plenty of people in there, but I’m not sure who’s buying…


The service at Kinokuniya is terrible, but they have great stuff. It is like the supermarket downstairs -sam Fuxing location- soooo expensive, yet has been there for ages.

Does it have kids’ books in English? I’m looking for the new Harry Potter book, The Cursed Child.

How is the one at City Hall?