New TV Channel

Does anyone have any info on this new TV channel? It has a blue and orange logo in the corner and a chinese name. It has shows such as the sopranos, 24, the practice, etc on it. If you have the scoop, it would be much appreciated. I did notice that there is a chinese version of this channel as well with the same logo. Cheers!

What channel is it? Could it be the reincarnation of Star World that Alleycat mentioned?

For some reason we don’t get Starworld where we are in Muzha. Please share the channel.

wouldn’t star world have the star symbol like the chinese version? this looks nothing like that at all, plus it doesn’t seem to follow that schedule as listed in the newspaper.

the channel is 57, one up from HBO and just below star movies. I use Yangminshan cable company so yours may vary.

I am jazzed to get shows like Sopranos, which is great, I just hope it’s not edited severely.

At the moment, 24 is running back to back.

If you can get to the bottom of this mystery, let me know. I was on vacation until yesterday so I have no idea when it appeared.

The station here in Yungho is on channel 47, Hui lai yang pian.

It’s Wei Lai Yan Pian Channel (Wei Lai Foreign Films, also called VideoLand Foreign Filems) The Wei Lai (VideoLand) group also had other drama and sports channels. This movie channel is new.

But I still don’t get StarWorld???
Someone Please help???

Videoland’s western movie channel’s site.

Yes! They have The Sopranos!