New VCR, or used one in working condition?

Seems like no one sells these anymore. We’ve quite a collection of old tapes, and I’d like to be able to watch them for another year or two, and tape the occasional TV show for later viewing too. Has anyone seen any new ones for sale in Taipei, or does anyone have an old one that still works but which they just don’t use anymore (since shops don’t rent movies on video anymore) and which they’d be willing to give away?

Sure, you can have mine.

Dragonbones: Did you find the VCR? Do you still have it? Now I need one, an old one in good working order will do nicely. I just need it for a few days to convert some old VHS tapes that have. Anyone? I live in Taichung but I am happy to go to surrounding areas to pick one up. Thanks.

Did you get that one I had going, DB?
… I still need to get you those Woody Allen films.