New Venue for Games Club

Sorry for those who are not in Games Club (but are always welcome to join!). In our last meeting (tee hee…) we came to the realization that we don’t particularly like Shuang Yu Cafe for a few reasons…GC’ers not present on Sunday are welcome to add to this list…

  1. First and foremost, losing a bag full of our personal games when they decided to renovate without letting us know ahead of time.

  2. Overpriced drinks of mediocre quality.

  3. A food menu that consists mostly of snack foods regularly out of stock and meals of greasy meats and limp vegetables.

  4. Service that’s a bit lagging in quality and response. Especially when they overcharge us, although they have gotten better about this.

  5. Don’t get me started on their music…

It’s difficult to find a location that’s easy for newbies to find and will let us play games (especially card games) for hours. Then someone suggested Alleycat’s. The food is by far superior to that of Shuang Yu (could their stuff even be called food in comparison with Alleycat’s fare?) and at a much more reasonable price with a nicer atmosphere. Granted, we would need Alleycat’s approval, but this has been suggested as an alternative to our current location…(which is next to Grandma Nitti’s down Shi Da Rd., Lane 93, the lane with the Hang Ten and Birkenstock stores, by the way).

What do you all think?

Don’t forget he’s closed until (I think) the 12th, while he gets his aircon installed. He called me last night to ask about hotels in Kenting, but will be back on Thursday. Hey, if its held at Alleycat’s I might even show up for a sound thrashing in whatever you care to mention – I’m really crap at games.

I agree that we can do better than Shuang Yu too, but I have no idea where, the only other place I know is Allycat’s but I don’t know if he will be open at the right time, and he’s not near the MRT, and Alleycat’s doesn’t do chips :bluemad:, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind some regular customers

[quote=“ImaniOU”]greasy meats and limp vegetables.[/quote]Come on, I’m not there every week.

I’ll have to come back in one of these weekends. I think you’ll have to wait a bit before Alleycat’s is open before dinner though. Either way, it could be just the thing to get me and Risk and back in there.

how about moving it to Yonghe area -> Amos , miltown…


Bobwundaye opens at 2pm every day of the week. They also have free wireless, and a lovely loft upstairs where the gamers can sprawl out.

[quote=“ax”]how about moving it to Yonghe area -> Amos , miltown…


Almost all of the people who have been coming regularly for the last three months do not live in the Yonghe area so it’s kinda silly to move it out all the way out there on the account of people who have not been coming. :idunno: If people from Yonghe came to Games Club, I’d consider this a more viable option than I do now. The Shi Da area is centralized for the most part to a lot of people in Taipei, or at least for those who have been attending. I travel from Zhongshan District, though, and I know that I would be less motivated to travel if it were as far away as Yonghe.

Bob and Dave’s sounds nice, Alien. I’ll give a further assessment after the next Happy Hour. For the time being though, people are welcome to attend Games Club if you would like to express your opinions there over a game of Clue or Phase 10 or whatever we are playing. It’s a bit further away from me than Alleycat’s or Shuang Yu, but being close to the MRT is a nice plus. Besides, we could always go to Alleycat’s afterwards. :wink:

Just a little think, y’all. Nothing major, but it would be nice to sit in a pleasant environment where the food was edible, the drinks reasonably priced, the music at a level conducive for conversation, and rattan ass unheard of.

So is there consensus now to move or not? And is it still on the same place as usual.

Please advise.


I am not a gamer…at least not in your sense :laughing: but I can offer you very comfy seats and couches with reasonably priced fare. Why not drop by the brand new Chit Chat Cafe in the heart of the ShihLin Nightmarket. A 2 minute walk up WenLin Road from the Jian Tan MRT will put you in front of our doors(#102). Come on in and ask for Stewart. I’ll be very happy to show you around and introduce you to the owner.

I’m sorry for the confusion. We are still meeting at Shuang Yu Cafe for the time being. Today it was majorly crowded, but that’s okay since there was only three of us that showed up. :s

It was majorly crowded yesterday–showed up at around 4:30 PM but did not see you guys.

Mmmm, maybe next week.


Whot? You don’t like Chris de Burgh !? :laughing:

I went the weekend before (7.3.) and nobody showed up … agree that it’s maybe time for a change of scenery. I will look around the Shida area for an alternative during the coming weekend but if we decide on another place (in another area) that’s fine with me, too. However access via public transport should be easy / close by.

Another point against Shuang Yu: We asked them nicely to tell anyone who came looking for games club to tell them we were downstairs. I got there a little after 4:20 and the only table available that had more than one chair :unamused: was downstairs. If you leaned over the railing you could have seen us. I was not extremely impressed with Bob and Dave’s last night. I could have done without all the oil. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had my d’ruthers, I’druther hang out chez Alleycat. Granted it’s not extremely close to the MRT, but again, the atmosphere and the food more than make up for that. It’s right off a major road (Xin Yi), relatively close to two major landmarks (Da-An Forest Park and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall), and it’s run by a forumosan (who has even been to G.C.). And the music is much better there. :wink:

What time do you guys start?

I’ll be glad to open a little earlier on Sundays to accomodate you.

To my understanding it is usually around 3 PM, correct me if I am wrong. And Alley Cat your oven-baked pizza sounds delicious. Will definitely try your wares when I am there.

Sorry, can you give some clearer directions on how to get your place?


Actually it’s more like 4 than 3…I’ll have more motivation to come earlier, though, if it’s at Alleycat’s.

So, Alleycat’s this Sunday(TOMORROW)?

Wow, excellent games club today! A round of Clue topped off with delicious oven-baked pizzas and calzones. I think next weekend we will meet at Alleycat’s again if he doesn’t mind opening at 4 again. Thanks again, Alleycat, for accomodating us.

My compliments to the chef… :notworthy: