New Version of 'We are the world"

Apparently Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie have teamed up for a new version in aid for the Haiti victims. more reinvention…should see it in a couple of days.

They were not the world, then.
Nor, shall they ever be.
The original song was horrible. It’s all uphill from here on in.

heheheh well Celine Dion is in this version…haven’t seen it though.

C. Dion? Well, I’m sure it must be good, then, not.

I think that aussi.

Don’t get me wrong. If it ends up sending cash & food & items to Haiti, then it’s good. I just don’t want to hear some blithering idiot of a celebrity on the media preaching about what they’ve “done”.

If it’s going to benefit needy people, I’ll buy it. I CERTAINLY won’t listen to it, though. :smiley: