New Visa in Bangkok


I just wanted to post up my situation to see if I will encounter any unwanted snares in my Visa process.

I am finishing up my employment in Taiwan this week and my ARC will be cancelled. I am going on a two month trip to SE Asia starting sunday and was planning on getting a new 2 month visitor (probably single entry) in Bangkok right when I get there. I still have my return ticket to Canada which expires Aug 25 as I have not been here for a year yet. I am going to use that as my proof of exit from Taiwan. I will be away until Aug 26 but my return ticket to Taipei from Bangkok is open ended, so there is no real set date on it. I could say that I am returning in a week.

Are there any differences when applying for the visa in Bangkok? Will I have to show a statement of my bank account like I did in Canada?

Lastly can anyone provide me with the exact current address of the Taiwan Embassy in Bangkok.


dont ice the messenger…but you cant get 2 months in bangers no more. even with a study cert. you can only get 1 month non-ext. and then perform a manoeuvre at foreign affairs when u get back to get it changed to extendable. (im presuming canucks dont get special treatment in bkk of course). 2 month visas in asia are now nigh on impossible to get. and since u can now get visa free entry it’ll prolly stay that way.

so yr best bet is to come in on a one month, get a job quick and get it changed…just hope u dont get the catch 22 question of “why do you want a one month visa when u can get 1 month at the airport? are you intending to look for work?”

I don’t remember exactly which floor it is on but the address is Empire Tower, 195 South Sathorn Road, Tungamahek, Sathorn. It’s not far from the Chong Nonsi skytrain stop one stop from Sala Daeng and I think, Sathorn. There’s two offices. The one that issues visas is in section B or the middle. You’ll need passport-sized photos and some sort of ID other than your passport to leave at reception.

I’m not Canadian but they took a photocopy of my credit card rather than asking for a bank statement. I had no problem getting a two month vistor visa little over three months ago. I don’t imagine it’d be a problem. The cost of the two month single-entry visitor visa is 1500 baht. 4400 baht for a multiple entry.

If you take the river taxi make sure you know exactly where you are going as I wasted a day by going the wrong way. The office is only open for visa purposes in the morning. I found it strange that I wasn’t asked for proof of plane tickets.

Try to do get the visa during the week because you need your passport if you want to travel somewhere and stay overnight within Thailand during the weekend.

i stand corrected then…maybe they’ve had a change of manager there as for a long time it was a tricky place due i guess to too many backpackers looking to pop over here for some quick cash…