New Visa Required (Visa Run to Okinawa)


I have been in Taiwan for nearly two months, and my 60-day, non-renewable visa will expire on Jan. 24. I have been working since Nov. 28, but for reasons not of my making the government won’t be able to issue my resident visa on time. I have contacted the BOCA and asked if I could get an extension or a new visa, but they said that my only option was to go outside of Taiwan and come back with a new visa.

This said, I am considering going to Okinawa, Japan, next week for said exercise in futility. Could anyone please give me the address of the TECO office in Okinawa? Also, what kind of documentation need I provide - passport, photos, bank statements, return flight within period covered by new 60-day visa? Finally, any idea how long I should have to stay in Okinawa - two, three days? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHEN I’M AT TECO, SHOULD I TELL THEM THAT I NEED A NEW VISA BECAUSE MY APPLICATION FOR A WORK VISA IS IN PROCESS, OR SHOULD I LIE (AGAIN) AND TELL THEM THAT I’M VISITING? (AFTER ALL, I’VE BEEN WORKING FOR A COMPANY FOR SEVEN WEEKS NOW, AND IT CAN BE DEMONSTRATED THAT THE APPLICATION BY THEM HAS BEEN FILED)

Many thanks!

Dear Mr. Newbie, you will find the Okinawa TECO address if you search this web site. Try something creative like “okinawa visa office” if “okinawa teco” bears no fruit.

Can’t see any point in lying about your situation. Show proof that your work permit application is underway. Perhaps better not to mention that you are working already, though.

If I were you I would consider going somewhere cheaper and waiting there for the work permit to come through. Your employer can fax it to you.

日本沖繩縣那霸市久茂地3丁目15番地9號 Alte Bldg.6F

3-21-1 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan

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