New website about Cycling around Taiwan


Hello everyone ! This is my website and it’s all about Cycling around Taiwan :taiwan: :blush:.
I’m actually searching for suggestions on how to further enhance it more. I just launched it last October 2nd this year. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers!


Obviously, you need start writing articles, cause that’s where people might find the helpful information they are looking for. :slight_smile:


Thank you!
I will😊


You could consider providing popular Strava segments/routes or even Google map routes for the ideal cycling destinations. As someone new to the island or visiting, it’s nice to know the destination, but for cycling, the route leading to the destination is also very important :wink:

For each destination, it seems like your information is not uniform. For some locations, you have elevation above sea level, others you don’t. To make it more uniform and easy to “pick” for visitors, you can look make a list. Like the below from my cycling group thread:

Day: Saturday, December 31
Meet up time: 8AM
Weather check: 7AM
Meet up location: Rainbow Bridge
Route: Five Finger Mountain (五指山)
Destination: Star City Coffee (星成咖啡)
Approximate Distance: 50-6km
Approximate total Elevation Gain: 600-700m
Estimated total trip time: 2-3 hours

Of course, you won’t have a meet up time, but you could change my “meet up location” to “start location”. This gives supports your approximate distance/elevation numbers.

Feel free to check my thread for references

For the Videos page, I don’t see any of it pertaining to Taiwan. Yes, super helpful to post bike maintenance videos, but maybe better to move the two videos on your homepage to the videos page?

Some video ideas:

You can check Neverstop (永不放棄) FB page and their Youtube page for the videos they make for their challenge races.

This guy does some informative and vlogs (in Chinese) that are pretty good watches.

Also, look up Youtube videos of Huang Ting Ying, Taiwan’s only cyclist to ever compete at the Olympics.

I could go on, but those are just a few ideas :wink:


Wow! Thank you! =)


This is my first blog guys and thank you for your suggestions.





Check out my latest blog :slight_smile:


Check out my latest blog :slight_smile:


Deleted the last post, cause not related to cycling or travel.


That’s okay Sir.
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A ride to Luchang, Nanzhuang, Miaoli, Taiwan