New website: CHINA RISING

But according to an article on, it stated that the Chinese government are doing many wonderful things for the minority in China.

The article is written by china-rising’s founder c-fujianese.

In his words:

[quote]To the credit of China

Jive Turkey, cynic that I am, I admit that my fantasy is farfetched. The most likely way it would come about would be through something like a banking collapse or plague, so that China implodes. (Please, CIA, please! Blue Team go go go!)

The idea is not to preserve Tibet and Xinjiang as static Disneyland shows, but to give them the choice of how they want to live their future. Yes, demographics may already have swamped them. Tibet at least has altitude on its side (Chinese women usually go back to China to give birth). Taiwan at least has a fighting chance.

Cynic that I am, Taiwan has no chance. No one in Taiwan wants to fight, except for some rabid hard-line DPP’ers here.

Excellent idea, but I`m guessing some people will soon start hurling accusations around once they can no longer back up their position with tangible evidence. We have one regular poster here who routinely makes groundless damaging accusations and personal attacks whenever they lose a debate due to lack of proof.

This statement is not only presumtuous, its also grossly inaccurate. Most media around the world focus on the successes of the Chinese economy, but seldom spend much time discussing the darker side of China like the bullying of Taiwan or the suppression of minorities. Sometimes I wonder if Xinhua has owns all media around the world. If anything negative is reported about China its often about floods, bad storms or other natural disasters.


Actually many english language sources participate in China bashing, it’s nothing new in the world.

Taiwan is hardly in the English language news.

Also Taiwan own domestic news is highly regulated when it comes to international matters, especially when it comes to the PRC.

[quote][quote=“Jive Turkey”][quote]However, personal attacks on our
Civil and respectful responses, eh? Do you consider it civil when a poster makes personal attacks against someone (i.e., calling them a liar) rather than make rational replies to the points they’ve made? Is it civil to cloud a debate with accusations of “personal insults” when none have been made, except perhaps by you? [/quote][/quote][/quote]

Jive Hen, if that is really your “wife”, was ANYTHING BUT CIVIL with her constantly snide remarks about our intelligence and our character. And I suppose she was not clouding a debate with her completely unsubstantiated slander, and personal insults?

Anybody is invited on our forum as long as they are respectful AND if they are HONEST about themselves. I wasn’t born yesterday, but I seriously doubt Jive Hen was who she said she was, if she wasn’t you all along. Maybe you get a kick out of impersonating Asian women, but don’t take us for fools. Underestimating your opponent is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make.

[quote]In his words:

[quote]To the credit of China

Well, I`ve been to many, many countries and I can faithfully say that most of what is written about China in any language is usually quite positive. Anti-PRC propaganda is an old inaccurate stereotype.

I find Taiwan`s news quite open and balanced after living in the PRC and some other places in the world.


By whom?
Taiwan’s media is so unregulated – in terms of what can be covered and how – that saturation coverage of flippant and sensational stories has become a real problem here. Being part of media here, I can tell you that one reason that mainland affairs is not covered extensively is for many of the same reasons that US-based news centers on US affairs.

Quite concurrent with what I’ve observed in Hui areas of Shaanxi and Gansu.

Rise of Chinese Muslims in power

By Wang Tai Peng

June 2004

Recently, hopes for any progress on the rule of law and human rights in China seemed dim, as no sign of political liberalisation had emerged. But a powerful new element in China

No, no, no. What you had stated is your view point based on your experience and perception, but you can not stated that your view point is the truth.

Under your perception you might feel that your government has many progressive policies towards the minorities, but the recipients of such policies might have a totally different point of view based on their own perspective.

From my understanding is that culturely the Chinese are always very discriminating towards the minorities, that’s why your article is called “Han Chauvinism”, and all the Chinese governments are very chauvinistic as well in their policies or attitudes, always has been and still is.

These kinds of trends can be seem not only from the posts on your forum, but the same can be observed in Taiwan. To preserve the minority culture and their identity is not as simple as giving them some tax benefits then called it progressive policies. It has nothing to do with it.

It seems like all you’re saying is that discrimination exists and therefore, no progressive policies are possible. This is simply not the case. The PRC govt. has a lot of preferential policies towards minorities from education to taxes, and there is a considerable amount of programs for the preservation of minority culture, especially art and dance forms.

Beijing is actually forcing people who became Han a century ago back into Minzu for regional political purposes, yet they claim it is impossible for Taiwanese to change their identity.

I opened a new topic so we can continue our conversation, there.

Others please join the discussion too.

More ad hominem. I guess we aren’t going to see any links to what you consider slander, snide remarks and personal insults. You seem intent on taking this to the lowest level. Enjoy it. I won’t be following you there.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but you don’t come off as very respectful yourself with all the unsubstantiated accusations you throw around. Who judges if someone is honest or not? Is someone considered “dishonest” if they disagree with you? Can you just not tolerate anybody who has opinions or experiences that don’t jibe with your own?

It seems that you just can’t accept that an “Asian woman” or a Chinese woman could possibly disagree with your gospel. You seem a bit quick to pass judgement on others.

I suppose you haven’t actually “underestimated” my wife; you’ve just mangaged to label her and close your ears to opinions and viewpoints that differ from yours. That’s your right I suppose.

Just had a look at China-rising and it gave me agood laugh. Don’t think I saw one argument with factual support from the China appologists, just lots of invective and hot-air. They are a somewhat cliched lot, but bless 'em, they may learn the skills of rational debate. They also have a moderator that accuses any Taiwanese who is anti China of being a traitor and having no backbone!Personal insult perhaps? Good to see their moderators stick to their own rules!!

Be fair, now. Some among our lot have gotten pushy with pro-Beijingers, too. Some have also posted a lot of emotion charged nonsense.I don’t think it compares in any way to what is going on over there, though. It really just seems like a big pro-Beijing circle jerk fest. Over here, we’ve got people all over the spectrum, though obviously more pro-Taiwan types. The moderating over here doesn’t really take sides on much of anything. Shit, do we even have any moderating? Do we need any? I don’t think so. Over there, though, the moderators seem to have a big groupthink thing going. That Xiao guy seems a bit more moderate, but I’m not very impressed with the others. Somebody here or there made the criticism that you can’t expect to have open debate on a site that has such an obvious agenda. I think that’s a pretty fair criticism.

I’ve criticized (hopefully taken as the constructive sort) a few things about this site before, but I’d say it was all about relatively minor stuff. When browsing sites like China Rising, I am reminded of how damn good Forumosa is. This is one of the freest, most open sites I’ve seen around. There is no agenda, so people probably feel more comfortable posting their ideas. I think that is precisly the reason why this site has (and I think will continue to have even after that other site is around for a while) a much large number of posters. There is no agenda here accept free discussion. There are a few interesting posters over on the China Rising site, but the overall environment and “mission” of the site are what would prevent me from posting there.

Xiao and Cheap, it was a valiant attempt to interject some more perspectives to the China Rising website, but you fished in the wrong pond. This place has long since become little more than a Taidu fishfry.

[quote=“spineless_commie”]This place has long since become little more than a Taidu fishfry.[/quote]Answer your damn question, or go back to your own groupthink-tank. :fume: