New Work Permit BS

I have just learned the hard way that there are new procedures for extending your work permit (ARC). Of course, the Kaohsiung Ministry of Education failed to inform (or didn’t know about) the schools about the changes…they were too busy painting their asses red and screwing monkeys :imp:

This is what I have learned so far.

1.) All applications are to be processed in Taipei. The Municipal MOEs aren’t involved.

2.) Your physical must be done at a government (public) hospital.

3.) You must include last years tax receipt.

I recommend calling the Ministry of Education and asking what is needed because nobody seems to know. I would also recommend calling at least three times to confirm the information.

It felt really good to put on the warpaint and lay into those useless fucks down at the MOE. Felt real good…I was really pissed off.

So, do you mail everything to Taipei, hand it in at the local office and they send it on, or have to take it up in frickin’ person?

What’s the scoop?

I think we have to mail it up to Taipei. I will call again in the afternoon to make sure.

Make sure you call 3 times :wink:

Oh Yeah…

“Hello, is this the MOE? I have a couple of questions but could you first please put down that paint can and put the monkeys back in their cages. I need your undivided attention.”

I asked another boss here and he said that Taichung County hasn’t got this rule in place.

I am not too sure.

They did say all Taiwan right?

I have sent an email away to the MOE to ask about this situation. Perhaps one of the monkeys will answer.

That’s the problem…nobody really knows what is going on.