New year 2010 in Taipei?

Does someone know, if the taipei city-hotels will have a surcharge for stays from 12-30 to 01-02 ?
Think about overseas friends may come to join 101 firework, but I cannot accomodate them …
Before I contact several hotels, wanna ask you about your past experiences …

I am looking in the 2.000 NT$ price-category, do you have in general any hot-tipps which hotel to
choose? Only requirment should be close to an MRT station.


Better confirm that 101 will have fireworks this year.

Of course they will have fireworks at the 101 !!

Iv never heard of hotels upping rates for this time. This isnt the USA . :slight_smile:

But probably good to book ahead a month or two just to be safe.

Sunroute hotel was very nice when I went there in 99. Its walking distance to an MRT but is not that close to 101 though.

There are some small hotels within walking distance of 101 and then you wont even have to take the MRT. Walk around the neighborhood there (if you are located there) and look into the smaller hotels.

Sunroute hotel:

A reviewer said this hotel is nice: … index.html

From what I was told by my GF, this was the last fireworks at the 101, but she could be wrong…

Last 101 fireworks were supposed to be the last one, but maybe it’s not the last time they will say that.

Any official information on next years fireworks?

Really? That would be strange considering how popular it is. Where would they do it then?