New year 2024, what will be your meal?

Here’s what my mom made for reunion dinner. The pot in the upper right is red bean soup for dessert.


I don’t understand the value behind those microwave new year meals. It’s freaking expensive for a bunch of microwave meals.

But what choice do you have? Almost no restaurants open on that day so it’s either overpriced microwave food or catering, or finding the few restaurants that open at that time (who will be sure charge a premium).

Shop in advance and prepare something at home.


Not sure if it will be any better. It will probably be ice cold by the time you eat it.

If you make sandwiches, they usually should be cold

If you make salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and boiled peas, no reason it needs to be cold when you eat. Unless you suck at timing.

Making your own food is the obvious alternative to microwaved meals when the restaurants are closed.


Out of curiosity, why would it probably be ice cold?

EDIT: I think I get it. Preparing a meal in advance and then eating it at a later date?

Shame those can’t be microwaved?

I heat up ice cold soup from the freezer on the stove :man_shrugging:

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There are several options to solve this conundrum. You’ve pointed out one.

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Wrap in tinfoil and tuck under a sleeping cat?

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Because it will spend hours on the altar before you can eat it?

I’m learning something. You’re not allowed to reheat it?

You could, but reheated fish, steak tastes like crap.

Eat it while it’s hot then?


a lot of food like at Family or Seven is like that, taste is ok