New Year Resolutions

If anyone sees me with a cigarette, just slap it out of my mouth, please. I also want to start exercising. I haven’t exercised in a long, long, time. How to start?

Just go for a walk today… it’s a start. You can think of more interesting excercise to do while you’re walking. You need to find something that will hold your interest week after week. I’ve got a small natural area nearby that I can walk/hike/run in. I ride my bike over there, and there’s enough trails to keep me going for more than an hour. I love going there. There’s no problem about motivation for me.
Just get out there. Start small, don’t knock yourself out the first few weeks. Maybe you’re more of a ball game guy, or a swimmer? Find a friend who will bug you to come out and play. Good luck!

me too!
as for how to start excercising? go to a gym you would like to join… after awhile you’ll see all the healthy, fit people and want to emulate them… that’s what motivated me anyway.

My 2007 resolutions:
To try to be a better parent to the youngcowboy and a better husband to my wife.
Other than those two, it bidness as usual.

My parents gave up smoking when I was a toddler, and I have been grateful for that gesture ever since, as Maogirl will be. Good to hear. :bravo:

My resolution is to go to bed early and get up early, and no more unhealthy snack. So if you see a Snickers bar in my mouth, slap it out, and if you see me online after midnight, tell my mum.


Study more accounting courses.

Quit the booze.

I’d be the most over-productive man in the world…

To spend a lot less time online.

To learn to tolerate my horrible life.

Too many resolutions. I don’t know where to start.

I’ve always wanted to slap an admin. Now I have offical sanction! Bwahahaha!

As for exercising, start simple. For example, hikes. Bailusishan at Dahu Gongyuan in Neihu is a quick, easy 15 min. to the top, and not far from you. Drop me a line a day early and we’ll hike it with you. :idunno: I need the exercise too! :blush:

The key to keeping alive any exercise program is to keep engaged the brain. If you play games (basketball, soccer, badminton, etc.) then you’re ahead of the game. If you hike or walk, you’re ahead of the game.

If making time for your exercise is difficult, then it’s likely you’ll end up in a gym every day (like me). Which is death to the brain, despite that little blip of happiness the recognition that you’ve maximized your efficiency provides (yeah I know that’s boring as hell; life is short).

Solution: an MP3 player. Listen to books, podcasts, or music (right now trance works well for me; e.g., LCD Soundsystem). Corollary to the law of gyms: don’t exercise the same way (i.e., use the same routine) today that you did yesterday. Corollary 2: keep at least 3 different exercise routines, and use a different one each day. Corollary 3: marginal negative returns to boredom increase when the set of different exercise routines numbers 5 or greater (your boredom is only slightly lessened by each new routine you add to your exercise set, for 5 or more routines). Corollary 4: add a new exercise routine every 90 days; drop the one which sucks the most. Corollary 5: whatever you listen to, the sole criterion by which you judge its benefaction is simple: does it cause you to lose yourself and forget that your feet are stuck moving quickly on some friggin’ piece of machinery for 30 minutes?

Daily exercise is crucial to good human health, and a good MP3 can really help. Whatever gets your heart rate up every day works, even if it includes mirrors and spandex (god forbid). I wish you the very best of luck in 2007!

PS I can recommend Sennheiser headphones of this type* (cheap, stable, the sound is ok, and they’re washable):

*-The link takes you to Amazon because, apparently (?), in deference to its sales distribution channel Sennheiser doesn’t support images at its own website.

I try to fit exercise in where I would be spending time anyway, e.g. walking or jogging home from the MRT station instead of taking a taxi, taking the stairs to any room that is on the sixth floor or lower, taking the kids for a bike ride on Sundays.

I don’t know how to quit the ciggies. They are just too fucking wonderful to give up.

Make it past the first day ?

You should get a dog, and go live in the country. Then you could get up every day and take the dog for a hike in the forest or something. If you went to a place with dog-owning neighbours, you could hike together to provide each other with support and encouragement.

Don’t know where you could find such a place though!

HEYYYYYY!!! How y’all doing with your resolutions?

It’s been almost 5 months. Has anyone stuck pretty firmly to the resolutions for this whole time? Probably not.

I know I’ve fallen off the wagon, primarily due to a couple of business trips. But I’m starting up again with new resolve. My resolution concerns exercise and my gut, so I’m making my birthday – 3 months from now, the height of swimsuit season – the target date. Gym few times a week, occasional bike rides, and an improved diet to ensure washboard abs and all that by the target date.

Went to the gym this morning, so that feels good, but quitting the snacking is a bitch. As a bored officeworker, I’ve gradually become compulsive about crackers and cookies and crap throughout the day. It’s not out of hunger, but just boredom and compulsion. Jonesin’ presently, but gotta work through this. . .

Anyone still working on the resolutions, or on new ones?

MT -
You have been rather slack about bringing my tea in the morning…chop chop!

Well, I had a false start with the first one, and haven’t started at all on the second. I’m happy to say I’ve been smoke-free now for over two months! Now I just need to lose 20 kilos and start working out…

MaoDude -
Congrats on the smoke free thing. That is a big accomplishment. Its really hard finding something to do with the hands rather than playing with a cigarette.

As for losing the 20 kilo and then starting working out…heh heh heh.

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I’m still smoking… :blush:

Promised myself I would stop at least before the baby bismarck arrives. That’s any day now, so excuses like, “Ok, tomorrow.” aren’t going to cut it for much longer.