New Year’s Eve is so boring here in Walnut Creek

Man alive is New Year’s Eve Boring as heck here

Drove over to Walnut Creek the local happening town here in my area and it was deader than a normal Monday night not to mention a normal Friday night which it is

Fell asleep just driving through the town
It literally could not be more dead

Not at all like the scene I remember in Taipei :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:
It’s still 2021 here but happy 2022 to you all


You probably drove to the wrong place. For reasons that I don’t recall, I drove down to San Diego for New Year about 15 years ago and it was a lot of fun there. Or maybe Americans are more boring these days? Anyway, happy New Year to you Tommy.

I hope you have good insurance.


Time to come to Taiwan.


Happy New Year, @tommy525! Stay safe!

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Walnut Creek? Of course it was boring! :rofl:

Then again, after 2020 and 2021, “boring” does not sound too bad . . .



Funny thing I can’t go to Taiwan
Not a resident and not a citizen

Happy New Year Tommo!


Mucho gracias and wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful safe happy and successful 2022

The best
That 2022 can be !


A higher income bedroom community 20 miles outside SF isn’t a NYE hotspot? Say it ain’t so! :smiley:


By the way, are there any Walnuts in Walnut Creek ?

Ha, actually, yes. Wild, and was a commercial crop there back in the day. The area is probably too pricey for commercial operations in the immediate area now, but I bet there’s still a crop in the area. (I stayed in walnut creek a lot while consulting in Emeryville back in the day, when better options were sold out. :wink: )

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What is a bedroom community? I’ve never heard that expression before.

Happy New Year Tommy Boy.

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It’s an area where people primarily commute to work in other areas (in this case, SF), so things like a vibrant local scene are often not well represented.

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Thank you for that reply, @Poundsand

I think in England we use the term ‘commuter belt/town,’ to describe the same situation.


Walnut Creek is actually a bit weird in terms of commuting iirc - lots of people who make good money commute out, while poorer people commute in.

Apparently there are as many walnuts there as
there are peaches in taoyuan

But yes eons ago there were walnut trees


Greater London is also like this. People in Teddington commute in to the city. People in Ashford commute in to Teddington etc

Look on the bright side @tommy525 - you presumably woke up on New Years day without a hangover, and the cash in your wallet was still there.

Happy 2022.

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A place named Walnut Creek couldn’t be much more than boring anytime could it?

Maybe pick up some simple legal or bootleg fireworks for some fun?

Omicron is no joke in the US right now. I sure wouldn’t be going out there. Many cities are having to shut things down, and the medical system is again being stretched to its limit.