New Year with a bang

I would like to welcome a New Year with some fiery fun.

Where does one buy a fireworks in Taiwan? (Taipei or HsinChu)
I would want something nice: high flying and colorfull.

The night market stuff I have seen (one only) is poor quality.

Or should I McGyver my own?

This is an example of what I’m talking about:

Sorry I have to break this to you … fireworks are illegal in Taiwan! :smiley:

and THAT answers why there are so many of them there !!

Yea like all laws in Taiwan it is rarely enforced, especially if its the right time (Chinese New Years for example)

I wouldn’t make my own fireworks unless you got some knowledge in basic pyrotechnics… or if you like missing finger or hands or life. Read the usenet group rec.pyrotechnics if you want to know how and look at their FAQ and ask lots of question. It is most likely illegal to make your own fireworks too, but like all laws in Taiwan…

The hardest part would be getting the chemicals however since some of the chemicals especially oxidizers are usually not stocked by chem shops for some reason… and if they had any it was those Reagent ACS grades that costs a lot for a little bit of it.

If you want to buy fireworks try toy shops… alot of them sell fireworks but you gotta ask for it.

If you want to buy fireworks try toy shops… alot of them sell fireworks but you gotta ask for it.[/quote]


Thanks for advice. I played with pretty simple and rather harmless mixes using potassium nitride as oxidiser:
essentialy black powder type mixes (with various fuels) plus aluminium powder for visual effects.
The most serious stuff we had attempted to synthesize with my brother were
gram quanitites of nitrocelulose. I guess had too much imagination to try anything bigger and badder :slight_smile:

We followed info from our Taiwanese friends and found the suff in shop selling Buddist paraphenalia.

For those who might be interested and are living in HsinChu the shop is on the right side of the road
going from HsinChu Science Park ChuPei/expressway no 68 exit. It is just after junction going to Highway no 1
and the road to Giant/B&Q.

I’ve seen fireworks in the Wellcome in my city - might even want to check there.

You can always DIY it and Light Your Farts.