New Years Eve 2003-2004

What time does Luxy usually end? Can I show up late and have a good time?

Other than this Luxy person, what the hell is going on tonight? I have been so busy the last few weeks I’m sitting here withe awful realisation that I have no idea where I’m going to be 12 hours from now.

And her ladyship is expecting to be taken out and shown a good time this evening.

I don’t get out of class 'til 9:30pm too!! Boo hoo!!

I dunno! Seems like Luxy might be 1500 at the door!

Recap: Went to SOGO in Jung Li with a bottle of Champagne. Got a few stares! Then went to the “River”. Then went to the Lion King in Taoyuan (NEVER AGAIN!)


How was Luxy?

for luxy read sardine can…my solution was to stay on the dance floor or there abouts for the whole of LTJ’s long pounding set…not a big d n b fan myself but he rocked…