New Years Resolutions

Do you ever keep your New Years Resolutions?

  • Yes - really I do
  • Yes - I am lying but I feel better saying yes
  • No - but I really try
  • No - and I don’t care

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Ok, this may be a over done topic in our conversations at this time of year, even a bit of a cliche, but you know that I am going to post it anyway.

What are your New Years Resolutions?

  1. To stop posting so much on Segue - nah
  2. To close my mouth more than I open it - Yes
  3. To get that sweet job back in NZ and take the family over there -Yes.
  4. Give more people the benefit of the doubt
  5. To take anton xie off my ignore list - hmmm we’ll see :unamused:

What are yours?

to spend less time on Segue than on my actual work…

Gotta get rid of those love handles… :frowning:

[ul][li]finish my websites[/li]
[li]break myself of the common but bad habit of saying “Chinese” when I mean Mandarin[/li]
[li]write some real pen-and-paper letters[/li]
[li]exercise more[/li][/ul]

I had to include an apology in my Christmas message to my folks because of the state of my penmanship. What a disgrace!

I quit smoking. Is that a little too extreme?

My resolutions for 2003:
-Stop puttering around on learning Mandarin and regain the rate and enthusiasm I had going when I first got here (which means no more discman to block out the people speaking Mandarin on the bus).

-Learn bo po mo fo so I can type characters on my computer without having to resort to the flashcards I made months ago when I first got the idea to learn it.

-Drink more. Yeah, more people go in the opposite way, but I think I should try to drink a little when right now I might have just 1 or 2 drinks…a year.

-Go to more places in Asia. I’m only going to be here for another year and a half and my travel record is pathetic considering how much vacation time I get at my job.

-Make use of my club membership. I spent $18,000 for an 18-month health club membership which I can count how many times I have gone there on one hand. Hell, I can almost count it on one finger. Takes care of another certain resolution that has been taking care of itself without much effort according to my scale. The thought was that I would never pay that much for one thing if I were still living in the US so that would be my motivation to go and make the most of my money. Hasn’t worked so far.

-Stop being late to everything. It’s a bad habit I picked up from my family since my mother and my grandmother are always late for things too. My clocks are always set at least 15 minutes fast, but at a time that I am not supposed to know so I theoretically am not late since I tend to be 15 minutes late to everything…the problem is, I am still 15 minutes late to everything despite the time change.

-Get organized. My huge desk is at a point that I barely have room on it for my computer…and my computer’s only a laptop.

-Write more often. I have postcards from when I first got in Taiwan that I began writing and have never gotten around to finishing. Same thing with thank you notes, Christmas cards, and RSVPs. I have this strange aversion to post offices here that I never experienced while living in France. For some reason they intimidate me or something.

-Polish up my webpage. If you have taken a gander at it, you can see how much work it needs. I hope to get my own domain as soon as I budget it.

-Learn guitar. They’re slightly easier to carry than a piano and tend to be in tune more than my voice. I want to learn how to play “The One Eye Love” by Heywood Banks…She is the one-eye, one-eye, one-eye…she is the one-eye one I love.

I’ll keep y’all updated on which ones I actually accomplish if any at all.

What is your '04 resolution?? Care to share??

Here are some on my list…

  1. Get a new job that I like and enjoy
  2. Be nice to the people around me (family, friends…)
  3. Control my anger (or I will have to take some anger mangement class)
  4. Work - Out so I can be healthy
  5. Start saving $$, at least 10,000 NT / 400 US a month
  6. Find a Man, not a boy toy, or boy…

I resolve to be evil in 2004.

[quote=“Richardm”]I resolve to be evil in 2004.[/quote]No, you can’t pick something you are already doing. That’s like quitting smoking when you don’t smoke in the first place.

I resolve to learn more Chinese in the New Year.
I also resolve to learn how to play a right-handed guitar.
Start a Band, perhaps.

  1. Get laid more often

I had a buncha other stuff I was resolutin’, but when it comes down to it, might as well concentrate on what’s really important. I got my head straight when it comes to the priorities in life.

Not to make any New Year Resolutions.
Maybe I will be able to keep that resolution…

Work a bit harder on the career.

Quit smoking (better move that to 2030)

Be more together with the little ones.

Drink less… ahem more beer.

Flame less.

Paint the ceilings in the house.

Edited out due to enormous posting problems… :blush:

Will try to repost again later, when I have time to rewrite.

Is this a reply to my “Get Laid More Often” resolution? We’ve all gone there on one hand, QuietMountain. :blush:

Is this a reply to my “Get Laid More Often” resolution? We’ve all gone there on one hand, QuietMountain. :blush:[/quote]

Mod Lang, actually, that quote isn’t from me. If you check ImaniOU’s post earlier, you’ll see it under his resolution about using his gym membership.

I had quoted it in my post. Unfortunately, I kept getting an “invalid session” fault using Netscape Navigator, so I switched to Internet Explorer. I must not have cut and pasted the entire entry. So, I got what you saw there. :unamused: So, I’ve deleted it to save myself any more embarrassment (sp?) :blush:

That being said, I wouldn’t mind resolving to get laid more often. I’ll have to talk to my bf about that one.

Will repost my REAL resolutions later. :smiley: