New York Times: 36 hours in Taipei, Taiwan

Today’s New York Times has an article recommending what to do if spending 36 Hours in Taipei.

Some of the places listed: [ul][li]National Palace Museum[/li]
[li]Da’an Park[/li]
[li]Longshan Temple[/li]
[li]Spot Film House[/li]
[li]Din Tai Fung[/li][/ul]
It also has seventeen photos.

read that on newspaper today…
just make sure you won;'t miss this one. … =2&fp=true

The photo of the Din Tai Fung restaurant…is that the really well-known dumpling restaurant opened a few decades ago and famed for the best dumplings in Taiwan? A UAE newspaper ran a huge article on a famous dumpling restaurant in Taipei and I meant to keep the article so that I could visit it if I ever make it back to Taipei, but the newspaper got thrown accidentally…

hmmm i like the pictures just sucks that all the outdoors pictures are during gloomy looking weather… but that does fit taipei haha