New York Times correspondents/reporters in Taiwan

Virtually all newspapers exert extremely tight editorial control over their Op/Ed pages. The New York Times and IHT are among them. You might as well post it here because no one will print your essay. If you want to have a reasoned discussion about this protectorate idea, you will receive one here, I believe.
If you are hard set on getting a newspaper to print it, then you must submit it as a letter, wherein dissenting views are welcomed by most newspapers, but only if that topic is, well, topical. For example, if China has a big military exercise near Taiwan and the US sends a carrier to “observe” the activity, it would be a good time to send it.
Once and a while the Taipei Times will run your argument as a letter, so it’s nothing new, but maybe you think you have a fresh take on it.

Yes, Quirky, good point, but if he posts it as a letter to the editor it must be 250 words maximum. He should post it here, and let word spread from here.