New Zealand band, So So Modern touring Taiwan - May15-18

Hey all, I’m bringing this band to Taiwan where they’ll be doing four shows around the country. I’ve set ticket prices pretty low, so I hope you can come check them out.

Their music is pretty eclectic but they’ve been likened to acts as diverse as Devo, Kraftwerk, Swans, Boredoms, Can, Foals, and Cornelius.

More details here:

May 15 (Wed) - Tainan @ TCRC
Ticket Price: $250 w/ 1 drink
Support: 穿越稜鏡 Through the Prism

May 16 (Thur) - Kaohsiung @ Rocks
Ticket Price: $250
Support: Not confirmed

May 17 (Fri) - Taipei @ Revolver
Ticket Price: $400
Support: BHD, She Bang-a, The White Eyes

May 18 (Sat) - Taipei @ Roxy Rocker (SZO SZO - So So Modern alternate set)
Ticket Price: $200 entry w/ 1 free drink
Support: Dronetonics, Forests