Newbies in Taipei

Hi there,

We just moved to Taipei last week. In fact, we are currently ‘Luxurious hobos’ …meaning living in a nice hotel till our container arrives. While hubby has gone for work - me and our little daughter are in need to fill our days.
While on one hand I am enjoying exploring Taipei by public transport…I would like to find a companion, who is also out and about scouting the city.

I am looking forward to hear from other newbies or experts likewise.

cheers till then.

Welcome to Taipei!

You may also want to check out Parent Pages - it is great parenting resource for English speaking parents in Taiwan. There area few play groups that normally meet weekly although we all seem to be on summer break right now. The website is:

I am not sure where you are located or where you will be settling once all your belongs arrive - but I have to say that I love the MRT system here. We currently live in Nangang right on the Brown Line - although we did live in the XinYi area for 2 years so we spent a lot of time exploring around there.

Send me a PM if you would like to meet up. My 4 year old will be starting all day kindergarten at the end of the month so I have a feeling that we will be looking for a few more play dates to keep my 2 year old busy.