News: 25 Sites We Can't Live Without

Time magazine chose the 25 sites that influence most people’s online acitivities.

25 Sites We Can’t Live Without,28804,1638266_1638253,00.html

I am thinking how the list was made and whether it’s a kind of promotion for those sites.
But to be honest, I browse some listed websites everyday. (I browse BBC and IMDB everyday.)

Ok, I’ve looked, and now Time is on my list of websites to hate. Just give me the frickin’ list! Click, click, click, click… one at a time. Crap.

Haha…I don’t like it, either. I spent many days clicking and reading this list. (The news is kind of old.) :slight_smile:

What’s up with the duck Kate? You look like Quarters gone bad, real bad.

Sorry, I realized I made a huge mistake.