News articles related to age of consent

This thread is for collecting news of men being with MINORS (underage) girls while the main media focus being somewhere else.
You see often in news some accidents and they always talk about x man with y lady being underage and never point at this problem but rather focus on other things.
Anywhere else it is called pedophile, but here it seems normal.
So iam opening this thread where i invite anyone to post any related news article where the focus is shifted somewhere else.

26 years old drunk driver kill 3 people and NO ONE talk about his 16 years old GF!!!

22 years old Man slash a 15-16 years old ex-GF more than 20 times and same story again

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Define “being with.” If you don’t, what you’re doing is itself kind of creepy. We have courts and due process for this kind of thing.

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Why is what he’s doing kinda creepy? Nonsense

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It involves profiling people for ambiguous reasons. As stated above, the OP has not defined “being with.” You can ruin people’s lives with this kind of thing, all because of circumstantial evidence or anecdotes.

I have kids myself and I want the legal system to protect them. Engaging in this type of witch hunt activity is not the way to do that. If someone has been convicted of a crime (specifically related to pedophilia or pedophile-like activities) I have no reservations about what the OP is trying to do.

being in relation with — bf-gf

absolutely not here to ruin people’s life ---- but point out something that i find totally shocking but which seems to be the norm here.

what i would like to point out is the situation below:
22years old man and over has an accident or a fight or whatever.
Police come to take notes etc… then ask:
who is this girl?
–>My GF
How old is she?
–> 16 - 15 years old
Police: OK

That’s what i find to be a problem.
I mean what an adult is doing with a kid?
What will they be talking about?
An adult man exposing his minor gf to other adult guys — not so safe environment for a kid.
what these 2 will be doing? … go to dinner then motel? go to cinema then motel? go to the beach then motel? go somewhere then motel? maybe a gift then motel?

And please just dont tell me men here are not mature.


Because we won’t want stupid shit like this happening here:

Using social media or public forums to dox someone could lead to mob actions.

I cannot see which part of this thread is doing this.

First of all we are not in India where the problem is wayyyyy bigger. i can’t believe you are putting taiwan at the same level to india on this matter.
Second, i am posting on a mainly foreigner used website not a local fb page.
If i wanted a mob to destroy what i’d like to call 'an allowed pedo" then i would have been posting on local social pages (which i didnt)
Third, i want to collect these kind of news in here as i see them quiete regularly on TV or in your articles ( you don’t point it out and you should raise this question as a good journalist)… my 2 cents

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I think a lot of Taiwanese families are happy to have daughters taken off their hands by a gainfully employed man, even if he’s up to 10 years older. Traditionally daughters are a burden on a family here. Remember not so long ago if a family had three daughters one would be married off, one would stay to look after the parents and one might well be sold to the Taipei brothels.

I’m not condoning any of this, just pointing out females in many Asian cultures are chattel. The buying-in of so many Vietnamese breeders in this day and age is further proof of this attitude.

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This is a good point. poor destitute shitty family life. School system that sucks balls

is it different in western, I mean, non Asian, countries?

Was very common pre 70s/80s.
Nowadays a bit with low class poorer areas.
Religion plays a role too.
Talking teen girls with older men here. For a ten year gap out of teenage years no problem

I’m referring to mob justice. It has happened here before.

And I recall a recent event where a woman was attacked by a mob outside her home for something she did.

No idea. Anybody?

totally get your point @keoni and as explained i am just trying to have all these articles in this thread.

I am personally against people taking justice into their own hands but TAIWANESE are growing tired of all the juridical system and police not enforcing laws.
I am with them 1000%

The law is that the age of consent is 16.


I think as long as the woman can work, the pressure is less for the parents.

Personally, I would be against anyone dating, let alone marrying a daughter of mine before she’s 18. I would want her to focus on her studies and have the time to enjoy being a child.

dating with bf would be an important part of enjoyment for teenage girls.

Problem is that, at least in both cases cited, the men are not even employed. Both were unemployed, which is a nice way of saying sipping off the parents´funds.

In the case of the young girl who had a quarter of her brain hacked off by this machete wielding nutcase, she had been selling clothes all summer and was going to start school this week. She was working hard for herself, need no man to make her dreams come true. This so called man who had been without occupation for several months if not years obsessed with her, stalked her and eventually killed her.