News articles related to age of consent

Funny how these girls all coincidentally happen to be that age. :ponder:

He killed 8 cats, not just one. And he got away scot free “because he is an NTU PhD”.

And he was not the first nor the last to kill cats like that and get away. What people were protesting there -it was not a senseless mob, at least not at the start- was the “leniency” shown by the judges towards someone who was taking cats as practice towards building his courage to kill people. The killings were brutal and angered a lot of people, who expected justice. When justice was not served, they kind of lost it.

It is different from India, killing an innocent base don rumors. In the old country, they do that and it is also often an innocent person who has been maligned because they saw something they shouldn´t, mostly politically related.


This is a good discussion to have, but let’s keep it on topic, thanks.

Yet. Discussions on here get heated at times. Sometimes people adopt an extreme point of view or express the opposite point of view for rhetorical reasons. They may not entirely believe what they were saying/typing.

I’m thinking of a thread several months back. This kind of thread quite easily transitions into naming names and assigning blame. I’d rather not play online judge and jury.

Why should anyone be talking about his 16 year old girlfriend? Nothing in the article indicated that he was having sexual relations with her and even if he did or has, he is well within the law of Taiwan as age of consent is 16.

Talking about or being concerned about his legal girlfriend is irrelevant to the news story.

Wanna see some shit? Go down to Hsi-Men Ding and loiter around the McDonald’s and you’ll see all sorts of much older men paying school girls for sex. It’s called compensated dating. That’s some serious 怪叔叔 stuff going on there!

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It doesn’t even say she was his girlfriend.

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Yeah I saw that once many years ago in that specific McDonalds, is that still happening there ?!?

Well this is how i see it:
a cop ask for your documentation and when you open your wallet to show him your ID you have a bag a cocaine.
Should the cop say: i just want and need to check your ID OR WTF is this?

well i guess i am not familiar enough with Taiwan law and even with my country laws. But i find it totally not normal for a 1 6years old girl to be with a drunk dude of 26 years old at 6h45 in the morning.
I am not questioning if they were having sex at that time or earlier or were on route for it.
it is just disgusting (= my personal opinion)
Can’t recall when i was a 26 years old having a friend or knowing about someone in my entourage (older 30-35 or younger 20’s) having GF of 16y.o ( legal or not legal — it doesn’t matter).

i see it everyday and comment on it every single time i see it.
Maybe i am too old school at only 36 years old but just find it unbelievable.
If you are fine with it, GREAT - I am just NOT.

I will try to add articles every time i see one into this thread.

even better - what a 16 years old is doing with a random drunk dude?

When i was 17 I bough a rally car and had a 27 year old girlfriend . It may have been seen as irresponsible by people whom had no business to have any say in my life choices . Unless there is some coercion or drugs etc involved , just let people make their own life choices ffs.


its really not as big a deal here as it is in the west. i mean, have you not noticed or what? those young, cute, naive or virgin girls are what a lot of guys are after.

in this case the teacher is 23 years old and the boy 15

yes i know - and the only thing i want to do is collect those articles in here.

Well that example would be illegal . So prosecutions should ensue .i have had older girlfriends and younger girlfriends . There are ups and downs , but my moral code is intact I hope :thinking:


Yes. Actual criminal behavior and she has been charged accordingly.

“She has been charged with second-degree child sexual assault, use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime, child enticement, causing a child over 13 to view or listen to sexual activity, exposing a child to harmful material and two counts of exposing genitals to a child.”

Then only collect and post articles where someone has actually violated Taiwan law. Your moral judgements do not suffice.


No one’s business except for hers. Certainly none of yours.

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Can we not make this about Canadian kindy teachers somehow?


i got your pov @MalcolmReynolds.
well i will keep posting every time i read an article where a minor is where he/she isn’t supposed to be even if he didn’t actually violated the law.
and yes— my moral judgment suffice.

i have just a little question:
in this case it is 26-16 y.o.
is 24-14 / 20-10 / 16-06 fine too?

In accordance with Taiwan law, any individual who is younger than 16 years old is considered a minor and not able to consent to sexual activity. If both individuals are 16 years or older, then it is not illegal nor immoral in any respect.

Your personal moral convictions are the reason lawyers like me exist. To prevent morally outraged people from putting their own values on others. The law is the law is the law. You don’t like it, then change it.


Dammn - that’s crazy.
well i have to apologies for my ignorance then.
but still find it disgusting