News From the Renegade Province - Pissed myself

Poagao,I just read your News From the Renegade Province and I pissed myself laughing. 'onya.

Well, go clean yerself up, fer cryin’ out loud!

Someone actually read it, though. Wow. That’s the kind of surprise you have to sit down for a while and digest.

Read the story about Penghu, great writing! You painted the picture quite nicely. Next time I’m back in Formosa I’ll have to get some people together and go out there, esp. off-season!

Ooh, I think I’m going to faint from all of this attention! I’d blush and say “Aw, shucks,” if I actually did that kind of thing.

Penghu’s interesting, easy to get to, but the winter wind is not something I’d like to deal with there. I’d wait for spring or fall to go. Probably pretty nice there today. Any posters live in Penghu? I was wondering when I was there whether any foreigners live in Jinmen, Mazu or Penghu.

Last September I met a couple of Aussies in Makung (Penghu) who were running a windsurfing shop. They told me there were about 4 or 5 foreigners living in Penghu. However, I also spotted about 5 or 6 Mormons “doin’ the rounds”, so to speak…


Pretty funny stuff… now I have to bookmark ya.

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Originally posted by Jennifer: I have to bookmark ya.

Oh NO! I’m not sure if I can handle that kind of pressure!