News:Someone got into legal trouble for abusing Costco return policy?

Apparently Costco was in the news for someone abusing the policy. The people with me would not explain more on the story but it was pretty lengthy. Taiwanese hate translating. Can some relate the story?

I didn’t see the story. But returning items has not become a common practice in Taiwan because lots of people will overuse it. That’s why its’ very common for the store to open items and let you look them over before purchase. Western stores or more expensive stores in Taiwan have more open return policies.

Is this what Icon was talking about in the Costco thread?:

Thank you Lostinadia. I’ve been in Taiwan for over twenty years and these policies actually helped improve quality. I had real shitty customer service before the western stores came in and gave competition.

I really don’t want to loose this due to abusers. Because of Costco’s policy, I feel comfortable buying something that I’m not too sure if the product would be compatible with what I have of if it will even help me.
Another technique that many people use if they had found that a product they bought their last trip has unexpectedly gone on sale is to purchase the new product at the sales price and return it as the product they had bought at full price, thereby taking advantage of the sale.
Curious, would you consider that fraud?
Anway… returning flowers that wilt, or using luggage for a trip and returning it. They should maybe write in a moderate use clause, but I don’t want greedy Taiwanese taking away this basic privilege.

Nope, two different issues: people abusing return policies is the core of the article. The wise guy in question demanded to talk to a US manager:

My comment was on someone who demanded to enter Kaohsiung Costco branch with 8 people on toll. And when he was refused, he slapped the clerk and even spit on her.

Dunno if the person had their card cancelled, but on the news it seemed he was not charged initially legally, here I found otherwise:

Here is someone returning a pillow bought 4 years prior:

And here an example of one pet peeve of mine: people who park for free forever in Costco. This guy was caught 17 days later…


Hi. I read the story about the pillow with the help of Google Translate. First the translation said that he was and “Austrian”, then I looked at it again and the translation said it was a “Madman”.

This story is difficult to understand. Did he try to return the pillow? Or was he successful? I mean the policy clearly states in English and Chinese that there is a 30 day money back policy for most items and I remember noticing a little longer policy for major electronics and 3C items.
If he was successful, it looked like he bragged or posted about it and then Costco got angry. Chinese doesn’t macine translate well. Can someone find the proper English story or give a summary? Thanks.

Costco should really change their return policy to state that they won’t take items back after a certain time and state if you return x% of items bought, your membership will be canceled. They should also reuse to refund money if someone returns too many of the same it (like pizza, sushi or salads). If you didn’t like it the first time, why would you buy it again?

Taiwanese seem to abuse it too much. The main purpose of the return policy is so that you can buy something, take it home and if it doesn’t work like you thought, return it. With food, I can understand buying something once. But repeated refunds for the same food item should be denied after a limit.

Or just do a fixed limit of refunds per year, with increased thresholds for big spenders.

If there was an English version I would have posted. Unfortunately, we miss the best stuff if we do not watch/cannot understand local news in Chinese.

The story is really good. It says that the guy had used the pillow only 6 months, felt it was pretty unconfortable, but did not dare to exchange it UNTIL he saw the news about the “crazy about returns” guy who got his card cancelled. He -pillow guy let’s call him- did not think it was possible to return it until he saw the news piece…

Talk bout misunderstandings… :doh:

Then Pillow Guy goes on to say how easy it was to get his return, that the people at Costco apologized for making him wait, and asked no questions. :noway:

Netizens reactions were from “how disgusting” to “Costo retutn policy is like that”.

Maybe, just maybe his story could be legit. All people exceptions, but in this case… I think NO! If the exception is won. You should keep quiet. But the policy is clear. If he is literate in English or Chinese, an exception should not be granted in this case. The policy is everywhere even above the urinal for goodness sake when you take a whiz.

Here is a good exception I got. I love the sonic toothbrush. I had it for a little over a year and they discontinued the refills. I got freaking upset. It’s not cheap. They offered to actually take back the device for a full refund. I turned them down and continued annoying them to restock the refills. Apparently I was not alone and after several months they were back on the shelves.

What I find between amusing and pathetic is that he kept a pillow he disliked for 4 years -yucky enough, even if not used, worse if used and discarded, beyond help if he kept using it- and suddenly jumped at the opportunity to return it and get his money back. Moreover, he pats himslef in the back for being so clever, saving money and posts it online… with pictures and receipts…

I mean, he reads the news and his first thought is: how can I take advantage of this?

Beyond salvation, is my first thought.

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