I have a website and I would like to add a page of News Links.

Is there a free service whereby I can get the appropriate code in order to get Newsfeeds?

I would want to use certain keywords for the news content that is interesting to me.

Then when people log on to this News Links webpage, they would see the most recent stories relating to those keywords.

Richard, I think Google News may have what you want. For example, go over to Google News, and enter ‘taiwan’’ as a search so that stories related to Taiwan come up. On the left side of the page, look for the RSS/Atom feed links. These are custom generated feeds for this search.

You can use these feeds on your site. Digg and other sites have similar services.

Better yet, use Google Reader, subscribe to a bunch of feeds, and share items that you like. Your shared items are also an automatically generated feed that you can plug into your site as well. This will be more personalized and useful because you are choosing the stories, not some bot.

You could also take a look at Moreover