Newsprint Drawing Paper

Does anyone here draw or paint?

I really want to start practicing figure drawing on my own, and from my research online, a lot of people have been suggesting me to get Newsprint paper for practicing with charcoal pencil. More specifically, the Newsprint that are about 18 x 24, which is a very typical size used for life drawing.

Today i went to the following art supply stores with high ratings in Taipei’s 大安區:
both are located on 和平東路一段 across from 師大.

However, they seem to only have 素描 paper, and each paper costs 12 NTD!! In addition, I wasn’t able to find the common Newsprint pads/sketbooks as well :frowning:
something like: … B000WG20SC

Does anyone know what Newsprint paper are called in Taiwan? and where to buy them?

The direct translation is of course 新聞紙 or 白報紙… but even they dont show up much on the internet when I did a search for them. I did find a few at auction sites, but it’s hard to know if these Newsprint are smooth or rough, which makes a big difference.

Also, i’m so confused by the classifications of paper here in taiwan… what are 2k,4k,8k? 2開,4開,8開?

I dont have experience about this in taiwan, but when i was studing in high school, i can tell you that most art articles re quite overprice, so dont spect them to be cheap…usually people find cheaper options or recicling things to use them as “paper” some times it will even be better than what stores offer you. I would recommend you to do some google search and see what can you find. GL :slight_smile: