Next available Dentist appointment guesses

I just phoned my dentist surgery in London to book a check up for my teeth. I am inviting guesses from you guys for when the next available appointment is. Today is 28th July.

If they are anything like my UK dentist 12th Nov at 2:30 in the afternoon

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January 15.

Jan 3rd, lol.

There are dentists in London?


aka Chinese Dentist Time.

What’s the prize for whoever’s guess is closest? Free teeth cleaning?

29th February

December 1st

If private/insurance I’ll go with September 15th, if a “freebie” on the NHS then July 28th 2024.

my tenth visit for the same single root canal I have been waiting for 11 weeks so far. this root canal started December 2020. I’m starting to think the hospitals here are going the wrong way. the younger doctors seem to be about as decent as the younger 711 staff. every 2 months months all they do is ask why I am there (after them arranging appointments) then witha super bitchy attitude reluctantly clean my tooth cause it hurts and put that fake goop in to seal it until next time. and repeat. I often wonder if we can break the 2 year timeframe for a single tooth! if their ineptness is as it seems, I bet we can do it! :slight_smile:

I hope your waits are less, or at least the skill level is at a sub par + level…

if it’s like our areas recent progression, 2 months. if it’s like my family in Canada, 5 months. but at least it will be done properly.

On vacation visiting family on Vancouver Island (I live in UK), I just forked over 300 dollars for scaling/cleaning and it was worth every fucking penny.

1.5 hour cleaning vs 30 mins in UK or 10 mins in France.

I have never had a cavity. Canada towers over other countries in terms of dentistry.

I’m not going to reveal the answer until the day comes. I’ll check back in as the guesses expire.

You are in for a wait. :grin:

Cock tease… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not if we move this thread to temp…




August 23, 2023

Ok I’ll let you know it wasn’t as long as your guess.

Gave your udder a shudder.

August 23, 2022