Next available Dentist appointment guesses

Tomorrow. The brits don’t believe in dental work.

December 8th, 2026. Coincidentally the same date mandatory quarantine upon arrival ends in Taiwan!


Half-mouth free teeth cleaning on December 25th, 2025.


We believe in it, just can’t get an appointment within 6 months, or you pay 10x the price and go private. You’ll never see a broke Dentist in the uk.

Just had a cleaning a few days ago. Cost 100 NTD with my insurance. :tooth:

I remember that a regular dental cleaning in the US would have cost at least USD $60 with insurance.

Such a scam. What do they actually do beside scrape the plaque and brush your teeth?

we pay 150nt in the hospital. granted they usually do a very poor and rough job. sometimes wonder if they are actually removing enamels and just creating some job security.

My dentist in London is good as far as I can tell.

I once had a wisdom tooth removed in Shalu. The lights failed. The water was pumped in by foot. It cost 150nt. I was just expected back at work the same day. Job done.