Next Game Club Venue (11.4.2004)

Since the other thread is locked I post this here, perhaps ImaniOU can merge it later.

The game club will meet next weekend (11.04.) at the Chit-Chat Cafe in Shilin, around 15:30-16:00.

Directions / descriptions:
Located in the heart of the Shilin night market at 102 Wenlin Lu, about a block north of the Jiantan MRT. The environment is modern, spacious yet cozy. The menu is simple, delicious and economically stimulating.

8861-5822 is the number of the cafe should you require more info.

Note: The above arrangement was agreed last Sunday and is not considered a permanent move (yet).

If you don’t know the ‘usual suspects’ and feel lost please feel free to call me. (PM me first, then I reply with my handphone number)

cool! see you there…


I recently discover a really cool game. The “in” crowd has been involved in this for a long time. Anybody interested in playing should pm me for the Easter Sunday game. It’s called Paint the House. It’s a scream. We also have Clean the Floors if you’re into that.

I’ll try and be there, and bring Zombies!. Durin’s Bane, will you still be in Taipei? You should come and play. As a gamer, I’m sure you’ll like Zombies!