NFL: Eagles vs Falcons anywhere in Taichung?

Just checked ESPN listings for weekend tilts and not surprisingly, Eagles-Falcons NFC final game no on the sched. I realize game is middle-of-the-night but is there any place in Taichung that can be rallied to show the game live or even tape delay broadcast the next day?

Failing that, is there anyone in Taichung with satellite TV that plans on watching game that is looking to meet a new football fan friend? :slight_smile:

Its on one of our satellites on Friday 2pm. The live game was on Monday.

I’ll record it for you if you read this in time.

Will check back on Friday at 1pm.

I’m Paul & I own The Londoner.

Paul…i appreciate the offer but that was last weeks game (Eagles vs Vikings). is the NFC championship game (Eagles-Falcons) on replay satellite sched for Monday??

AFC game will be on ESPN 7:30AM Monday morning.