NFS Undeground

anyone playing this online… im sick of playing with all the cheaters and high latency games…

i’ll see if i can aquire it, maybe we can play some time
do you need a real cd-key to play online? :sunglasses:

since you dont know me I will forgive you, but I would never pay money for a video game… so nah you dont… at least my serial # seems to still be working… i wonder why ea doesnt write some code in their exe to do a checksum on it… and if it fails then it wont let you log on… but id rather not encourage them

packetnews here i come then :sunglasses:

where are you located Illah? what else do you like to play online?

yuck packetnews… newzbin or nfonews… i gotta use usenet to download since Im not on any top sites… but cant complain about the speed for sure… 100k+ downlaods all the time make getting those images a no brainer