NFTs, Non-fungible Tokens

Ouch. That’s huge. Microsoft is way ahead on the video game stuff, I’ve read. To shut them out stings.

I’m happy for Minecraft and believe this is a smart and correct move.

Also yesterday Unity, the big video-game engine, updated their Asset Store submission guidelines to also ban NTF related assets.

1.2.i The primary purpose of your submission is not the creation or registry of non-fungible tokens or other designations of monetary value. Submissions do not contain assets that are non-fungible tokens.

This means that developers are not to sell or provide other unity developers with the means for anything related to NFTs using the official unity developer asset store.

NFTs will find their way in one way or the other.

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You have to own an nft that comes with copyright or ownership of a physical item.
Like NBA best plays , do they then own the copyright?
Buy streaming rights of videos.

it seems its a collecting thing still. Like collecting sneakers