NH1 for baby of foreigner + unemployed Taiwanese husband

I’m not sure if I should be posting this in the parenting forum or here.

I’ve read in the forums about how two foreigners who have a baby here in Taiwan do not get insurance for the first 4 months of the baby’s life (which is horrible considering we pay taxes like everyone else… but anyway). A friend recently was in this situation and found out that for the first month the baby is actually covered on her card but I’m not sure how well covered… at least the general stuff like shots and doctors visits… but the next 3 - 4 months her baby won’t have coverage.

I’m in a different boat. I’m a westerner married to a Taiwanese man who isn’t working at the moment because he’s just finished up school and will be starting up military in the summer. So at this point he’s covered by his father. So far when we’ve gone to doctor’s appointments for the baby they’ve used my card but I’m wondering what is going to happen after the first month.

Do Taiwanese babies get their own NH1 card or do they always use their parents??? Will she be able to use her father’s NH1 card after the first month??? I’m not really sure if anyone will have an answer to this and where to find the information. Her grandfather (taiwanese) seems to think she can just use her father or grandmother’s card.

I should note at this point I have NH1 through my job and am currently on an ARC, hopefully within the next few months I’ll be getting my APRC but it’s so hard to get anything done with a newborn!

Try contacting [button]Bureau of National Health Insurane,http://www.nhi.gov.tw/english/[/button] (NHI)

I suggest getting to know your regional division manager on a first name basis.

Where are you from? (I’m guessing: Canada) Are you traveling on a Canadian passport?

I am currently applying for my APRC (paper work getting done in England at the moment). Can point you in the right direction with regards to forumosa links.

Have you considered getting a JFRV through your marriage to your Taiwanese husband or have you settled on getting an APRC?

Once your husband starts his military service, generally speaking he’d be covered under the military insurance scheme, which is also the Cat. 4th under NHI.
Some paperworks need to be done though, like NHI Categeory Enrollment/ Withdraw Application Form together with other supporting documents. But no worries, as I am sure your husband should receive some/more information toward this matter in due course.

And for your question,

I think you can find some info here.
nhi.gov.tw/english/webdata.a … ta_id=3144

First, congrats on your new baby
Second, Does you child have Taiwanese nationality? If so he/she’s covered because of your spouse, just like my little girl was. Have your husband sort it out with NHI.

[quote]I’ll be getting my APRC but it’s so hard to get anything done with a newborn![/quote]Just be glad your kid doesn’t have colic. It becomes impossible to do anything then, except sleep, eat and take care of them.

@GRC22: Thank you, I think I’m all sorted out as far as what I need and how to go about getting my APRC. I’ve had a few visits to the NIA as well as phone calls to the RCMP in Canada so I just need to get my butt back to the NIA to get my prints done and send them to Canada to get the ball rolling. I think the APRC is infinitely more valuable than the JFRV. I’d have to go through all of the same hassle to get the JFRV (the type 2 health check and criminal record check) BUT if, god forbid, anything happened to my husband and he passed away or if we split I’ve heard I’m pretty much given a month to get my butt out of the country to do a visa run (regardless of the fact that I have a child here). Also, the fact that you can apply for an APRC after having been on the JFRV for 5 years proves which one is more valuable. I meet the tax requirement and the time requirement this year so once I get all my checks done I should be good to go. I just need to get my butt in gear and get that paper work off!

@City Girl: Thank you!!!

@Purehydro: She’ll have dual nationality (both a Taiwanese and Canadian) but obviously the Taiwanese one is going to come a lot more quickly. Was your spouse employed though at the time you had your little girl? I’m just not sure she can be a dependent on someone who is already a dependent but like City Girl said hopefully this will all get sorted out when he starts the military. I’ll have him contact the NHI people in the meantime. We have been blessed so far with her!!! Relatively non-fussy. I guess destroying my body pushing out a 3900gram baby without pain meds was worth the price if she stays like this for awhile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@GRC22 - ps- thank you for clearing up the mystery of the poop test :bravo: :notworthy: