NHI Card Online Service Registration

Hi all.

Is it possible for foreigners to register their NHI Card online?
In accordance with
I can access my data on government websites if I obtain a password by registering my NHI card.
I’ve got a card reader and tried to register my card here
As I don’t know Chinese (use Google Translate) I was not able to overcome it(
My name was successfully read and inserted into *姓名 field. But I have no idea about *戶號 content. Something about “household registration”. Course I don’t have one.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Probably not.

When I last tried, I got far enough in to get an error message that specifically said foreign residents couldn’t register.

This was a while back, but I remember finding another avenue to register that involved getting an “Aliens Citizen Digital Certificate” [外籍人士自然人憑證] (http://www.contacttaiwan.tw/main/docdetail.aspx?uid=346&pid=242&docid=84 ) , which also has some other uses - eg online request for entry/exit date certificate: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=1313716&ctNode=31511&mp=pda02

Have not found the time to apply for one of those, or know anyone who has :slight_smile:

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Confirmed. If you have an “Aliens Citizen Digital Certificate” 外籍人士自然人憑證, you can get into the NHI online services.

I recommend the guide at this blog to get the Aliens Citizen Digital Certificate:

Key point - if the activation process for the Digital Certificate card does not work for you, be sure to call the helpdesk number: 0800-080-117. It’s open 7AM to 11PM and they’re quite friendly.


It seems the online activation process does not work at all!
Tried several time today: http://moica.nat.gov.tw/other/IC_cardDetect.html,
Is there any other way than the call?

Correct - the online activation process does not work.

The blog linked above says that it may be possible to activate using the “How to change subscriber code” function on the site for citizens.

However, most likely you’ll have to call to get them to activate it for you.

Any update on this in 2021? Can we get the NHI card registered or get the digital certificate?

As per Electronic digital medical records in Taiwan the NHI card login method should have started working in 2019. Citizen digital certificates have been available to foreign nationals since 2018 and have always worked, there are just complications with activating the card.


Apart from accessing health records online, I’d there any other use for it ?

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