NHI Contributions while not employed?

I have had a few problems with my local NHI office in Taoyuan. I spoke of them in another thread. Here, I want to ask if the system is designed to cover someone for up to a 6 month extension (work seeker, etc.). In a nutshell, is it okay to pay your own contributions for 6 months if someone decided simply to stay for the allowed period?

I believe it’s NT$749 a month if you don’t have local income? That’s what I’m paying anyway, and what I’ve read from others with the gold card and no local employment. (Not sure whether I’ll get a larger bill later after filing taxes.)

Thanks. It is a bit frustrating in Taoyuan as there is no one who speaks reasonable English except the guy on the door who often comes over to do his best at translation. When I saw them in December before finishingg my employment, they told me to come back on January 11–no idea why. Then I went to the dentist on Friday 8th and the card was already dead. They got someone on the phone from NHI who spoke almost perfect English, but she just said I’d have to pay myself but could claim it back in 10 days… When I saw them on Jan. 11 the guy there made out a form for me to sign for January and seemed frustrated when I said I woulkd need it for February too. He did a few admin. things and then asked me to sign what looked like the same form. Maybe he changed it to January and February, but it would not surprise me if the card stops working again in February.