NHI Conundrum (Investment Visa Holder)

Got it. I’ll adjust the title of this thread to make this clear.

Hope you can sort this out soon!


That’s probably the reason. You don’t speak Mandarin so of course there’d be language barrier.

From the official website:

Yeah we’ve heard enough of this. :roll:

It would be helpful if someone who is here in Taiwan on an investment visa could help out the OP. If some forumosans know about this, please let us know.


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your company has joined NHI?


Funny. I didn’t get one until I actually asked for it lol.

Make this simple.

Is there anyone in your company, who is a foreigner and have ARC AND have a NHI card? If so, ask them. Otherwise, your company should have someone doing admin work like this - who should be able to help you. (Unless your company is too small to do things like this)

I work in Academia Sinica and I don’t even have to lift a finger, other than provide them with my passport ID and ARC copy. A week later, I got a card.

Did you get it in the end?

Bimmerjeff said the monthly premium is higher because you’re considered as “business owner”.