NHI eligible despite just getting ARC last week?


Until the end of the month I am covered by a European travel insurance. I just received my ARC as part of my Degree Program and remember/read that one has to wait 6 months until being eligible for applying for the NHI.

Because my insurance won’t extend my coverage in times of a pandemic, I am now wondering whether I can already apply for the NHI now, considering I have been in Taiwan since March already (<6 months) - though, I got the ARC only last week.

If I am not eligible, does anyone know of any temporary insurance options for me here in Taiwan? I know, medical costs here arent really expensive. But I would just feel better knowing that I have insurance.

Thanks a lot for the help

Hello. I thought someone helps do that. I did my own. If you want to check yourself, you can carry your passport and ARC to the NHI office and they will tell you when you will qualify. They should have someone that speaks English to help. Or google translate.

no. The 6 months started from the time your ARC was issued.