NHI for part-time workers

My employer said they won’t give me an NHI card because I’c only part-time.

I’ve searched the NHI website, but can’t find anything about this.

Does anyone know?


Can you provide more information about your visa status, marital status, length of time in Taiwan, nationality, and the type of work you are doing at this place?

I’m in a similar situation. I have NHI through my wife, who has to pay an extra NT$500 a month or so for this. As NHI payments are based upon the registered person’s income, if you make more money than your Taiwanese spouse does you could actually save a little this way. But it’s still annoying to have to jump through these hoops.

I’m married to a Taiwanese on a JFRV teaching in a buxiban. However, I think most of this information is irrelevant. For foreigners or Taiwanese the situation should be the same. The employer is supposed to pay the larger share of your NHI payments. But how does this apply to part-time workers. I couldn’t find anything on the NHI website.