NHI INSURANCE: What if my employer won't enroll me?

I have been employed by a bushiban but on the eve of the contract signing, my boss says that she will not enroll me in the NHI or give me an allowance to cover my membership. My questions are:
#1 Is this legal? Isn’t an employer of foreign nationals required by law to enrol and contribute towards its employees’ memberships in the scheme? What does the law say about the legal responsibilities of employers to their (foreign) employees in this regard?
#2 Despite the fact that my school has given me a working visa and an ARC, doesn’t their refusal to provide me with NHI coverage mean that I will be held liable for the NHI fees anyway?
#3 What about arranging my own membership? Can I do this? What are the fee structures?


I am not a lawyer but I think that your bushiban is wrong!

The following info comes from the National health Insurance Website: http://www.nhi.gov.tw/

Q22: Is there any penalty if one refuse to enroll in the NHI?

Ans: The NHI program is a compulsory insurance. Anyone who is eligible for the NHI should enroll in the program. Those who refuse to enroll in the NHI will be fined the amount between NT$ 3,000 and NT$ 15,000. The enrollment will be retroactive to the first day when a person becomes eligible. However, until the required premium or penalty is fully paid, the coverage will not come into effect. Written notices with specific time limit within which the overdue amount should be paid will be sent to the insured or the Group Insurance Applicant. Prolonged overdue accounts will be dealt with through legal means.

You should have your Chinese friend or associate contact the Bureau of National Health Insurance for details. If your employer is supposed to enroll you, but refuses to, obviously you can write a letter of complaint to the BNHI.

You have to weigh this option against the value of maintaining harmonious relations with your employer. Perhaps if you have an excellent job performance, your employer will not be so “hostile” in a few weeks, and more willing to submit the required paperwork to the BNHI.

I hadn’t insurance for a long time becauuse i didn’t have a visa
My solution when I had to see a doctpr was to use my friends NHI card. Illegal but it works !!!