NHI is great, but what are some of the more unknown perks?

We all know NHI is great, I particularly enjoy the virtually free teeth cleaning that is offered.

What are some of the things you used your NHI for that you wouldn’t expect you’d be able to?

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I’m not sure that’s the right way to think about it. NHI is not intended as a perk, but as an insurance in case you get sick (or in some cases to prevent you from getting sick).



OP don’t abuse the already overloaded healthcare system here my dude. I’m worried about 2036 when over half of Taiwan will become over 50 and the burden that will add to the already stressed out system.

Kidney transplants will be needed in the millions

Free massages (with happy endings)
Penis extensions
Hight extensions (for those manlets out there)
Eye surgery that will give you x-ray vision
IV bags when you have a hangover

These are just some of the secret things NHI covers that most foreigners don’t want you to know about OP. I’m probably going to take some heat by telling you all these laowai secrets.

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Sounds trippy. Good for NHI. It’s about time.

i think we all just want to live until 2036, without worrying about what happens to the system.

“in the millions”???
Taiwan’s population is 23 million. I’ll take the ‘under’ on your ‘over’ to that ‘millions’ bet

I’m just being a frustrated dickhead. A LARGE % of my friends/family/ reveltives have kidney issues. Taiwan is the number one country for people on dialysis per capita.

It won’t be in the millions but Taiwan has a scary need for kidney transplants. Makes me sad and nervous :grimacing: :pensive:

What goes in your mouth gets collected by your kidneys. I do my best to avoid food products produced in Taiwan and Chinese medicine. Not easy.

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What are your thoughts on why this happens in Taiwan? Do you think the drinking water has anything to do with it as well?

Well a lot of places just give you regular water and any soup is just tap water. A lot of people boil the water but that doesn’t remove the hazardous chemicals that collect in the kidney.

Unless you have a dead body in your water tank (it happened), it’s much more important to filter the water than boil.

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I always thought the restaurants would have common sense to use filtered water seeing as they even won’t drink unfiltered water themselves.
Til I first saw a Kaohsiung restaurant just turn on the Tap to fill er up when the soup was running low. Gross. Guess she doesn’t care, likely her and her families meal will be made with clean RO water later. The customers don’t matter, or likely care.

Kaohsiung water is known worse in all Taiwan.

Why is that?
How does Taichung rank?
Which are the better cities for water quality?

What? You want to say that I’m a burden?

Blame MSG!

as long as you take care of yourself, you’ll hopefully never need to use the overburdened health care system in the future.

You’ll never be a burden to me Belgian. I will always be there for you.


The kidney thing is pretty weird. I never knew that. Is there any actual research (as opposed to speculation) regarding the causes?

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It won’t if people don’t go to a major hospital for every simple cold, colds go away by themselves. Just take a symptom reliever when needed and not a handful of smarties.


If you are male and your ARC number ends in 8 you get one free prostate massage per year.

Seriously, that’s not how universal health care works. There are no hidden benefits. Everybody pays a bit so everybody gets the same very very very basic services.

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I’ll find some better links later I’m kinda in a rush. KIDDDDNEYYY

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Why do you guys think this is?