NHI questions for a newborn in Taipei

My son was born in Taipei and I was told that he will be covered by the NHI 4 months after he gets his ARC. A friend told me otherwise, while it was true that his wife had to wait for 4 months before she got the NHI card, his baby son was automatically covered by the NHI.

We’re a foreign couple with ARC, living in Taipei.

Any help is highly appreciated.

I think the latter is right. Children don’t get the card but a booklet which serves as their NHI card. I think all children get one whether they have an ARC or not. If you’re in doubt go to the local “qugongsuo” or district office. They will know.

daltongang, thanks a lot!

We’ve got a booklet from the hospital, but I still need to pay the amount before insurance deduction the last time. The company I work for told us the baby would get the insurance card 4 months after he got his ARC.

I just called the qugongsuo and was informed that I couldn’t go to their office directly to apply for the NHI for my son, since the company would be responsible for the application.

I called the District Office again this morning, and finally someone there advised that my son is eligible for the NHI starting from the day he gets his ARC.

In order to make sure, I called the Bureau of NHI and was informed otherwise: No matter big or small, born here or on the moon, once you are a foreigner, you MUST wait for 4 months before you can get the NHI card.


now the baby doesn’t need the card, right? could the discrepency lie here?


I should’ve said…“before you (any foreigner) are covered by the NHI.”

ok. the nhi has gotta know I guess.