NHI without employers help?

My employer has told me that it’s too much trouble or something to provide me with NHI. I want it, and I’m willing to pay for it myself. Is there a way for me to do this? I recently got my ARC renewed a couple of weeks ago.

Your employer is legally obliged to pay NHI contributions for you.

been there. it can be done. my boss was married to a doctor, so somehow they were exempt from the national health plan. as such she/they were not required to cover me. go to the local regional health card administrative office and tell them what’s up.

you’ll have to cover back fees from when you first arrived in taiwan until the present. after that is settled you’ll be able to pay a monthly fee in your own name.

such is how it happened in chungli about two years ago.


Like the above poster said, if you are legally employed (i.e. have a work permit and ARC), your employer is obligated by law to provide you with NHI. Remind your employer of this, and if he doesn’t relent, report it to the proper authorities. Your employer sounds like a real creep, btw.

how about if you don’t have an ARC…but you are staying in the country legally by leaving when before your visa expires… can you go to the NHI office and receive NHI upon request by paying for it yourself?

No, because unless you hold a valid ARC then you are not covered on visitor visa’s, if thats what you have.