Nhl 2009/ 2010

NHL Season has returned… who is you pick to win this years Stanley Cup Finals?

Flyers and Devils on live right now. replays are available.

Stop teasing us and name your price!

Prices are listed on my website. You need to take the THAI package to get the channel that carries the ASN channel that has the NFL NHL NASCAR and other US sports… If you dont want to have a dish installed we do have an IPTV solution.

I started using NHL CenterIce live. It beats the crap out of the espnzone thing i had to use when I was in Germany.

Try atdhe.net. some links are free for entire games and there are other, lesser sports available as well. Go 'Nucks

adhte is pretty awesome, but the feeds are sometimes laggy and are lower quality lots of time. I tend to put my feeds on a tv to pretend I am watching a telecast :frowning:

What are good places around town for watching NHL? I guess Sunday mornings go well with Saturday night games.

I feel like I should starting getting back in touch with my Canadian heritage. The promising new players of when I last paid much attention are now grizzled veterans.

I bought the NHL Center Ice package for computer again this year. It’s awesome. New features this year, including full PVR functionality. Being in Taiwan, no games are blacked out obviously, another bonus.

Yeah, there are still quite a few free options out there. adthe.net, channelsurfing.net, justintv, ustream, hdlounge, hockeystreams, etc.
It’s hit or miss though finding the exact teams/games you want. The more popular matchups are usually available one way or another.

Stanley Cup picks? Pretty tough to gauge just a few games in for each team, but I think Philly or Pittsburgh will represent the East, and this is the year the Sharks make it to the finals for the West. If not them, then probably Chicago. I guess I’ll lean towards the Sharks winning it all at this point.

I’ll be cheering all year though for my NY Islanders. Go Isles!

I sure am glad the Sens pulled one out in OT against the Isles. Home opener, so I watched it from the 2nd period on after shooing the kids to bed. I think it’s going to be a long season for the Isles as long as Biron is in net. It’s going to be a long one for the Sens as well if their offense continues to suck this much.

Except for a short stretch in the 2nd, the Isles looked awful out there against the Sens and had no business getting a point in an OT loss. Not sure I agree with you about Biron though. He and Roloson will be a formidable tandem until DiPietro proves healthy enough to return, likely late Nov / early Dec. Biron/Roloson is certainly better than Danis/McDonald of last season.

I don’t think the Sens are going to have a whole lot of success this season though either. I see them finishing 10th or 11th in the Conf. I hope for your sake I’m wrong.

Biron is as soft as a baby’s bottom. Those were pretty bad goals given to the Sharks. But have no fear, if there’s any hope, it’s that there’s always the Leafs to line the bottom of the litter.

You think Biron’s soft? You should have seen Roloson against the Sabres the night before. Five hole exploited badly.
I pray DiPietro can return sometime in November.

Please god let the Sharks finally make it! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch any of the games this season, but I found a pretty good website that has volunteers streaming most games…once I get back to my own computer I’ll post the link.

Finally off the schneid. My Isles get their first win after squandering several 3rd period leads in Bill Murray-Groundhog’s Day deja-vu fashion in previous games. Big grins say it all.
And yes, John Tavares is the real deal.

Isles over Rangers. Oh Mer, it must be so satisfying.

I just want the capitals to get their 3rd period in check. They have the first 2 periods down getting leads and playing stellar hockey, then sort of take a nap and phone in the third.

Oh, it is! :discodance:

That was a very important game. After blowing several third period leads against good teams like PIT, BOS, and WAS, the young Isles are perhaps slowly starting to learn how to finish.
And no, I’m not calling the Rags a good team. Without Gaborik in the lineup, and yes, he’s hurt already, they are nothing more than a charade.

Yeah Isles played a good one against the caps. They brought discipline and desire against a vastly superior team and came away with 2. Good on them.

Wow, I’m nearly speechless. Nearly…

The Islanders are on a four game win streak, and over .500 for the first time this season. I’m not planning the parade, don’t get me wrong, but it sure feels a hell of a lot better than the first two weeks of the season.