NHL at Brass Monkey Taipei

Hi everybody, Jim told me that there was a bit of discussion about where to watch NHL.

Well, I’ve set it up at The Brass Monkey to receive same-day games. By same-day, I mean that if it’s a Saturday night game in Canada (Sunday morning here), we will show them on Sunday evening.

We have already shown many of the season openers and will do Hockey Night in Canada every week.

Until I can plan it out a bit more, your best bet is to drop me an email with your mobile phone number to max@brassmonkeytaipei.com and I’ll subscribe you to our SMS Hockey Alert system which keeps you updated with game times as we can schedule them. This will also mean that if there is a problem you can be notified.

Anyway, our website, www.brassmonkeytaipei.com is constantly updated with the latest games.



Thanks for helping out those lost NHL fans Max.

Hopefully this will help with those in Taipei that need to see the games.

Just don’t look on the net for the scores first. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Bruins at the Canadiens game last night chez Brass Monkey had no sound for the first two periods. The explanation I got was because it was downloaded from the internet there would be no sound for the first two periods. Well, that sucked. We trekked out there to watch a mostly silent game of hockey. Fun.

I hope last night will be the only time. After the sound came on, the game came alive, so I didn’t get completely jipped. I don’t think my date was amused. No sound=more drinking. Gee thanks, Brass Monkey. :unamused:

But I have faith, I’ll be back. Thanks for letting me vent.

Dear 914,

Thanks for coming down and sorry that some of your game didn’t have sound. I’m doing my best to get these games by other methods as they are not on satellite. I have always said that there would be some teething problems, I’m doing my best.

Now we have got it to the stage where the sound and downloading should be fine.


I just moved walking distance from the Monkey, so like it or not, you’ll see me there watching games (don’t leave the reborn Broadway Blueshirts out of the mix, please) … when will you put up the 2nd big screen?

The NFL season is only at it’s midpoint, and as much as I missed hockey, I’m hoping for the day (night) when I can stroll into your fine establishment and not have to hide in a corner, squinting my eyes to follow the action on a small screen while hockey occupies all of the rest of the TVs!!!


P.S. New York Rangers = B’way Blueshirts.