NHL Lockout, What to watch, No Stanley Cup?!

What are you guys gonna do now that the NHL (for all non-N.Americans, thats the National Hockey League) has a owner imposed lockout, and judging by how they are talking , could mean the cancellation of the entire season since according to the owner’s stats (no idea how legitimate they are) 20 owners (teams) will lose less money by staying closed.

What are you gonna watch on t.v.? Will this effect the economy here? I guess not…in Toronto this is huge news, because the Leafs brought in crazy money for the local economy, bars, restaurants, sports arena, sports paraphernalia, etc.

Imagine a year without the Stanley Cup playoffs…does last yr’s team get to keep the cup? I actually waited until Leaf’s got eliminated from the semi-finals before coming here…perhaps they won’t play until I return to T.O. :slight_smile:

I heard many players are playing in Euro leagues in the upcoming season to make some cash, maybe we can fundraise can get a team here :laughing: , maybe use some Taiwan, international fame money that is currently used for wooing those Banana countries…

Don’t watch it, Play it!

groups.yahoo.com/group/taiwanicehockey/ for info about icehockey and rollerhockey in Taipei.

Too right! Taiwan hockey rules!



sad, but truly just a bunch of whining asses on BOTH sides - we’re more important than the sport we profess to love so much. It’s not going to enter the top 3 echelon of north american sport any time soon, but both sides are convinced that they can make and charge more and more on a never-ending basis. have been a 'nucks fan for more than 20 years, but i’m having a hard time believing that $1.8 M US a season, as an average, is something that can be complained about, when a lot of those games consist of going through the motions to get to the play-offs.

strike is going to do nothing but hurt the rep of the nhl, and maybe show people that there are other things they can do with all that $$$ … you can buy minor league season tickets for the same price as what, tickets to 4 or 5 nhl games cost? :loco:

anyways, mornings are free here again …